Working With Us

Behind the growth of every organization, lies a tremendous contribution of its workforce. Employees across ranks contribute in many ways, leading, thinking, working, creating and motivating, to help an organization meet its growth challenges.

The management is committed to strengthening its human resources by equipping it with better tools, technology and techniques in addition to creating a healthy and conducive work environment.

The people strategy of JPL emphasizes on key areas like recruitment, placement, training, retention, empowerment and job rotation. The HR department at JPL has been accordingly primed to meet these aspects of organizational and human requirements and thereby optimize the productivity of each person in the organization. Personnel of the HR Department are always accessible to the employees for any help required.

Orientation, on-job and other training programmes are conducted regularly for both existing employees and new recruits. This is backed by a comprehensive performance evaluation system that assesses the performance of each individual and rewards them accordingly.

Employee welfare schemes, safety measures, facilities on the plant premises and compliance with applicable laws are reviewed periodically. The organization believes in participative management and encourages all employees to express their opinions on management policies, systems, and procedures. Interactive sessions are held to elicit employee opinion and feedback on prevailing work conditions.