Overseas Operation

Powerhouse of Progress

Jindal Energy, a dynamic subsidiary of Jindal Power Limited (JPL), is spearheading a transformative endeavour in Botswana, propelling forward an audacious vision to erect a formidable Base Load Thermal Power Plant with a staggering 300 MW capacity in the initial phase, followed by an equally formidable 300 MW in the second phase. This audacious initiative is meticulously crafted to forge an unassailable fortress of uninterrupted electricity supply to satiate Botswana's burgeoning energy appetite and serve as a beacon of power for neighbouring African nations. In its entirety, this groundbreaking project is poised to reshape the very fabric of the energy landscape in the region, assuming a pivotal role in the profound metamorphosis of countless lives. Brace yourself for a monumental shift as Jindal Energy charts the course for a future where power is not just generated but becomes the force that propels progress and prosperity across borders.


The primary objective of the project is to provide Botswana with sufficient power to meet its current and future requirements, with the potential to extend support to neighbouring countries facing power deficits. The envisioned impact is to illuminate and transform millions of lives in the region, marking a significant milestone in sustainable energy development.

First Phase

Base Load 300 MW Power Plant: In collaboration with JPL, Jindal Energy Botswana Pty Ltd. is actively developing the first phase of the project - the 300 MW Jindal Mmamabula Energy Project (JMEP) in Botswana, Africa. This phase is specifically aimed at supplying power to the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC). The project is strategically scheduled for planned commissioning in 2026-27, reflecting a commitment to delivering reliable and efficient energy solutions.

Second Phase

Base Load 300 MW Power Plant: Building on the success of the first phase, the project's second phase involves the development of an additional 300 MW Base Load Power Plant. This expansion demonstrates our dedication to meeting the energy demands of Botswana and contributing to the broader energy needs of the African continent. The seamless integration of both phases underscores our commitment to sustainable development and regional energy security.