Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Future

Jindal Power Limited is unwavering in its commitment to environmental stewardship. Our Corporate Environmental Policy, endorsed by our management, prioritizes robust environmental management practices and continual improvement. We rigorously adhere to regulatory standards, embrace cutting-edge technologies, and pledge to create a pollution-free environment in and around our projects.

Environment Management Practices

  • High-efficiency Pollution Control equipment, zero-discharge concept, sewage treatment plants.
  • Utilization of fly ash for sustainable practices, biogas plants, and online monitoring systems.

Environmental Conservation Efforts

  • Extensive plantation drives, awareness programs, and adherence to global reporting standards.

Fly Ash

  • Tamnar Plant: 16.2 million metric tons (as of March 31, 2023).
  • Capacity of Ash Silos: Availability of dry ash.

Environment Reports