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Energizing Progress, Empowering Futures

Welcome to Jindal Power Limited (JPL), where pioneering spirit meets energy innovation. Dedicated to propelling progress and shaping the future, JPL is a trailblazer in the energy sector. With a formidable portfolio covering thermal and renewable sources, we proudly stand at the forefront of India's dynamic power generation landscape.

Leadership at the Helm: Guided by the dynamic leadership of Mr Naveen Jindal, JPL embodies a vision that transcends boundaries and fuels the spirit of innovation in every endeavour. Under his stewardship, we chart a course towards sustainable and impactful energy solutions.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Jindal Power Limited is dedicated to providing exceptional and sustainable energy solutions, utilizing cutting-edge technology, responsible practices, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our philosophy

Jindal Power Limited envisions a world transformed by clean, reliable, and innovative energy solutions, fostering a sustainable and radiant future for all.

Our Values

  1. Extreme Ownership
  2. Better than Before
  3. Respect for People
  4. Sustainability

Our Leadership

Naveen Jindal

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Our Inspiration

O.P. Jindal

Shri. Om Prakash Jindal

Founder Chairman